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Deanship Of Academic and Educational Affairs

Academic and Educational Affairs Unit

Vice deanship aims to graduate students in Pharmacology by providing high quality education and scientific research which serve the community and achieving 2030 vision. This goal is achieved by establishing academic systems to provide an appropriate environment for students.

The vice deanship of educational an academic affairs support students by registration and coordinating the schedules, preparing classrooms, as well as activating guidance and counseling to reduce flattering. The Test Centre is established to ensure the quality of teaching which aims to link the efficiency of tests with the learning outcomes of each subject. It is also concerned with training the students in the best places in the field of pharmacy which help students to apply what has been studied practically. Also, the vice deanship saves the rights of students through rules, regulations and committees.

The deanship is looking forward to communicate with students, faculty and employees through this site.

Vice Dean Of Academic and Educational Affairs
Dr.. Mansour Bin Saleh Almetwazi

Activities and function of vice deanship of educational and academic affairs: 
  1. Supervising the study plans of the college.
  2. Make group schedules and academic schedules and preparing a schedule of semester and final exams.
  3. Doing admission and transfer of students' processes in the college..
  4. Doing the registration and deletion processes for students' academic courses. 
  5. Supervising the new student orientation week activities and new students.
  6. Supervising and distributing representers of male and female students.
  7. Prepaing the dean's annual list and alumni lists. 
  8. Communicate with students and respond to their inquiries through (email - phone - the official Whatsapp of the Academic Affairs Unit) 
  9. Following up the academic department's requirements regarding educational affairs. Receiving them from students'
  10. Preparing students' sick leaves files, and announcing deprivation lists.
  11. Supporting students' rights that are consistent with the laws and regulations of the university and the college.
  12. Supervising the conduct of the final exams and organizing exam classrooms.
  13. Ensuring the unification of evaluation criteria between the male and female sections in the same course.
  14. Receiving and delivering questions envelopes from faculty members and save them at the exam unit.  .
  15. Correcting exam sheets for periodic and final exams.
  16. Distribution of new students to academic supervisors at the beginning of each year.
  17. Supervising excellence and talented students.
  18. Increase awareness among students about Counseling Unit, its importance, and how to benefit from its services, through meetings and the college’s website.
  19. Establish a schedule for meetings between students and their academic advisors.
  20. Contribute to solving students ’psychological, financial, social and employment problems.
  21. Supervising the distribution and coordination of training schedules for students in the initial stages and the internship year.
  22. Coordination of matters related to initial training and internship students in terms of transportation, pre-training courses, and medical examinations required by some training bodies
  23. Contribution training certificates and completing the residency year for all students after training period
  24. Providing the statistics and all requirements of the vice dean of development and quality unit.
Academic and Educational Affairs Units
Contact info:
Male Side: 
  •  البريد الإلكتروني
  •  0114677193
Female Side:
  •  البريد الإلكتروني
  •  0118052532