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Alumni Program

Program Overview: 

Through the Alumni Unit, the Faculty of Pharmacy seeks to hold events, programs and activities that bring together specialists and joint interests of college graduates to exchange support between them and the college in various fields. The Unit also seeks to hold an annual celebration that brings together all the graduates of the college over the past years to celebrate them and honor those who are distinguished from them in the belief that they are the pride of the college, country and the basis of the success of the college and its leading position. The unit also seeks to raise the scientific level of graduates by establishing integrated training courses to help them identify their desires and orientations after graduation to harmonize the labour market by benefiting from the experiences of their former college graduates. The Unit welcomes all graduates and invites them to continue to communicate through the College's LinkedIn page.

Unit objectives:

  1. Holding training and professional courses to determine their future directions and working on developing them, in addition to providing consulting services to help them choose the appropriate field for them and prepare them for the labor market.
  2. Keeping the graduate in constant contact with the academic and scientific community to exchange opinions and scientific developments by following up on the new scientific and practical developments through the channels provided by the college to the program in connection with the university community and the career of its various bodies
  3. Involve graduates in the college's events and activities, learn about the conditions of graduates and their role in community service, and familiarize them with the general developments in the college, and the new scientific technologies that concern them and support their future in their fields of specialization.
  4. Study the suitability of programs by communicating with graduates after graduation, and taking advantage of their opinions from practice.
  5. Achieving direct contact and periodic meetings between the college and its graduates and between the graduates with each other, and working to support their careers, gain their loyalty and interest in the course of things in the college
  6. Develop collective organizational work to achieve the objectives of the program, especially on issues related to pharmacists.
  7. Strengthening the relationship between the program and similar organizations in the Gulf countries and other countries.

Program activities:

  1. Organizing training and professional courses for final year students to develop their personal and professional skills. 
  2. Organizing workshops with employers to help students choose the appropriate field for their orientation after graduation. 
  3. Holding an annual alumni party to honor and celebrate the recent graduates. 
  4. Organizing an annual reunion ceremony for all college graduates to restore the spirit of pride, brotherhood and loyalty and to reconnect with the college. 
  6. Creating a database of college alumni and updating it constantly, and maintaining a bridge of communication between the college and its alumni through various means of communication.
  7. Inviting distinguished graduates who have held leadership and professional positions as speakers in the college's events to benefit from their expertise. 
  8. Communicate with different business sectors to coordinate the recruitment and training of recent graduates. 
  9. Follow-up of recent graduates after joining the labor market to determine their whereabouts and the jobs they obtained.
  10. Conducting a survey of graduates' opinions on the feasibility of training and professional programs and the extent to which they benefit from them to determine and evaluate the quality of the unit's programs.  
  11. Preparing reports on the status of graduates and submitting them to the various college units to study ways to develop and improve the efficiency of graduates.

Alumni Numbers :


Fields of work available for graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy:

  • Governmental, private and military hospitals.
  • Community pharmacies.
  • pharmaceutical factories
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • Academic Field
  • Scientific Research.
  • Medical translation.
  • Hospitals quality control
  • Research center.
  • Saudi Food and Drug Authority
  • Saudi Commission for Health Specialties
  • Ministry of Health and School Health.

For more information on the areas of work in various sectors, please visit Directory of employment opportunities for pharmacy students in the Riyadh region..


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:39am