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Doctor of Pharmacy Program

The College of Pharmacy is one of the first colleges that established at King Saud University, the studying began in 1379 AH (1959 AD), two years after the establishment of King Saud University, and in its first year the college designed a four-year study plan for a bachelor’s degree through four departments: Pharmaceutics, pharmacology, drugs, and pharmaceutical chemistry. With the beginning of the first semester of 1399/1400 AH, the implementation of a new five-year study plan began, and the fifth department was established in the college, which is the Department of Clinical Pharmacy.

The college has developed its study plan following with the development of the field of the profession, convincing that the pharmacy profession is not only limited of preparing and formulating medicine, but goes beyond that to an effective and direct role of caring of the patient. The college established a new course plan since 1395/1396 modern courses which prepare the graduate to practice the profession in its advanced form, including clinical pharmacy, clinical pharmacology, clinical biochemistry and pathology.


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:39am