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Community Services



Community services and Volunteer

The College of Pharmacy has always had a long history of providing volunteer work of various kinds with great mastery and efforts whose growth does not stop year after year. Starting at the top of the pyramid; The dean of the college, through the faculty members, and ending with the Male and female students of the College of Pharmacy, their volunteer work was an integral part of every step of their careers. So they served the profession, and held the responsibility for developing it and producing it iand supported their fellow students. So they explained to them what was difficult for them, and their hands were and still extended to them all the time

Pharmacy Club

Vision: The pharmacy club have an effective role in raising the level of awareness in the community and contribute to provide drug education to them, and we are looking forward to deepening the spirit of volunteer work, showing the importance of the student and his role in society, and providing the benefit and initiative in its educational aspects.

Mission:Upgrading the scientific and intellectual level of the students of the College of Pharmacy to enable them to enter the practical life efficiently, and the club seeks to educate the community about the role and profession of the pharmacist and to create a creative pharmacist influencing his community.

Objectives:Contribute to raising the level of health awareness in the community, successful community partnership with various bodies that serve the community, students and the profession, enhancing the student’s role in health education, establishing courses and programs that contribute to raising the scientific and professional competence of students and students, educating the community about the importance of the role of the pharmacist, Educating male and female students about job opportunities.

Pictures of the Pharmacy Club campaigns and events


Social Media of The Pharmacy Club  



Pharmacy Club Presidents:

  1.  Salem Alonezy 
  2.  Latifa Alderaihem  


Social Culture Club

Vision: Students prepared for creativity in all fields and a healthy society aware of the use of medication.

Mission: According to the Kingdom's 2030 vision to empower youth, the Social Cultural Club at the College of Pharmacy seeks to prepare and provide all means to develop and support pharmacy students in various fields, in addition to motivating students to volunteer work to contribute to reaching one million volunteers, and to take note of everything that can raise awareness of all society


  1. A source of entertainment and development for pharmacy students in all fields.
  2. Cultivating and consolidating the concept of volunteer work among pharmacy students
  3. To be a launching pad and a permanent station for innovative drug education and awareness for society

Social Cultural Club Activities Photo gallery


Social Media of The Social Cultural Club 



Social Cultural Club Presidents

  1.  Faisal Albwardi 
  2.  Sara Alrasheed 
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