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College Administration

Pharmacy College Administration
Based on the importance of the human element and its effective role on which the work and education system is based, the college administration works to fulfill the college’s needs for administrative and financial matters in the best way to serve students, faculty members, employees and researchers, and to follow up on their employment affairs, using the mechanisms of action. Sophisticated and simplified procedures that help to optimize the utilization of human energies in the faculty.


The organizational structure of the college administration
Financial and Administrative Affairs - Male Side



Financial and Administrative Affairs - Female Side


 The College Administration Services

  • Follow Up On administration work flow and administrative procedures and the safety of the procedures
  • Applying and updating quality procedures in the administration and departments of the college
  • Distribute the employees according to the needs of the departments.
  • Issuing internal decisions that contribute to facilitating workflow.
  • The link between the supporting deanships and the college.
  • Determining the training needs of employees, requesting courses to raise performance, and nominating employees for training courses.
  • General supervision of the completion of all tasks of the units of the department (personnel affairs, support services, administrative communications, financial affairs and procurement).

Pharmacy College Departments Tasks

  • Administrative Affairs Unit
  • Employees Affairs  
  1. Registration, approval and cancellation of leaves in the (MADAR) system  
  2. Exporting vacation to the system ( Diwan )
  3. Preparing correspondences related to college employees. 
  4. Handiling employees post-vacation issues
  5. Recording employee data in cooperation with the Quality Unit
  6. issues resignation, request to attend conferences, request for the statement of contractors, letters of the University's Safety and Security Department
  • Follow Up Unit:
  1. Follow up employees Attendance.
  2. Follow Up on Executive actions (salary deduction, behavior notice )
  3. Follow up on Employees vaccations proceduers.
  4. Responding to inquiries from university departments.
  5. Preparing separate monthly reports recording employees absence, lateness and submit them to the concerned authority .
  • Contracting:
  1. Researcher contracts renewal letters.
  2. Follow up contract transactions with the recruitment unit.
  3. Addressing the university relations unit to receive new contractors.
  • Administrative Communications
  1. Exporting and recieving all colleges transactions.
  • Archives
  1. recording and documinting all employee data.
  2. Provide information as requested.
  • Supporting faculty members
  1. Clearance of all faculty procedures ( Id renewel and travel document ).
  2. Review the transactions of faculty and contract staff.
  • Finance Affairs
  • Purchases and warehouses
  1. Organizing the financial works of the college
  2. Coordination with university central  warehouses in all related matters.



For Contact

Male Department






Fawaz Alaardhi

Manager Director


Suliman Alrubian

Finance Unit



Ali ABu Saed

Administartion Unit



Female Side

Manager Director






Raghdah Abutarboush

Manager Director


Bayan Alarifi

Manager Director Secretary


Aqeelah Alobaidan

Manager Director Secretary


Lamia Almeshael

Finance Unit Manager


Sara Alshareef

Suporting services Unit


Reem Bin Mjali

Employees Affairs


Asma Almiqbil

Communication Unit




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