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Occupational Network

The Alumni unit welcomes all graduates and invites them to continue communicating through the college's page on  


If you want to join the (Alumni List) of the College of Pharmacy at King Saud University on the LinkedIn website, you have to change the (school) name on your LinkedIn page from ( King Saud University ) to the ( College of Pharmacy at King Saud University).If you succeed in this, the icon of King Saud University will appear to you next to the name of the certificate, indicating that the connection was made correctly.


For general inquiries, future cooperation and suggestions related to alumni affairs, you can contact the Alumni Unit through the following methods:


  Alumni Unit Supervisor Dr. Khaled Al Hazani

 Alumni Unit Supervisor,Ibtisam Al-Jassas

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:39am