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Future Student

welcome you to the most prestigious pharmacy colleges in the Kingdom. You will go with us on a six-year journey in which you increase your knowledge and skill in all aspects of medicine, and then become the most experienced person.

Do not worry, we all care about your success and that your trip with us is as enjoyable as it is beneficial. The college has a lot of entertainment and self-development through participation in its student clubs. And it has an interesting field for scientific research under the supervision of faculty members. You'll find that college combines sobriety with fun. You will realize that the journey of medicine from exploration through manufacturing and control testing until it reaches the patient depends greatly on you. You will learn in an attractive way that puts you directly in the work environment in order to increase your awareness of the realities of the profession and its challenges.

The college has developed a strategy for its graduates to become leaders in the field of pharmacy, and for this you have a great responsibility and a success story that you write with your diligence. 

Wellcome among us.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:39am