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Dean Message

The College continued its leading role in the fields of teaching, research, training, rehabilitation, and community service, to prepare pharmacists specialized in various pharmacy branches, to fulfill the role hoped for in the development of this country, and to be able to perform their professional duties with the help of God Very efficiently, as the College holds the American Academic Accreditation Certificate (ACPE) and the National Academic Accreditation (NCAAA).

The College also continued its acclaimed role in serving the community, providing research, advisory, educational and awareness services to other educational bodies and institutions in the fields of health in general and the fields of medicines in particular, and participated in remarkable activities in the cultural, social and sports fields of the university.

I thank the IT unit of the Faculty of Pharmacy and all those who have worked and collaborated with them for the good work in updating and developing the website of the Faculty of Pharmacy..


Pharmacy College Dean

 Prof.Amer Mayuf Alenazi




مكتب العميد



Job title


Fawaz Almutairi


General Supervisor of the Dean's Office

Majed Alshibani


Dean Secretary  



Last updated on : August 17, 2023 12:08pm