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The College of Pharmacy at King Saud University is committed to graduating leaders in the pharmacy profession by providing high-quality education and striving towards producing research that has an impact on society and advancing the profession and role of the pharmacist. Currently, the college has one undergraduate program:The Doctor of Pharmacy program, with a duration of six years, where this program in its final year focuses on clinical training through elective courses in various fields of pharmacy practice. The coordination between the five departments of the college: Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy as well as Clinical Pharmacy, in addition to experiential learning opportunities and field training, provides our graduates with the skills necessary to practice the profession in any of its specializations.

We, at the College of Pharmacy, are committed to providing the community with professional pharmacists who are able to:

  • Dispensing prescriptions, communicating with patients and educating them for the optimal use of medicines, as well as monitoring the effects of treatment.
  • Providing other categories of health professionals, in the community, hospitals and regulatory agencies, with accurate information and prompt advice on the pharmacological effect and uses of medicines.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the legal and ethical dimensions of pharmaceutical products.

Work Fields:

  • community pharmacies
  • Pharmacies of public and specialized hospitals
  • Clinics and medical centers
  • Home health care and long-term care facilities
  • Scientific offices of pharmaceutical companies, especially in the field of drug marketing, as well as regulatory departments
  • Pharmaceutical industry and development factories
  • Drug development research centers
  • Regulatory bodies and authorities such as the Food and Drug Authority and the Ministry of Health.